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Linda's Writings

Linda's Christian writings to inspire you and give you a lift. Some are taken from previously published articles and also writings found only on this site. Linda has been writing for many years. Many of her writings have been for the various churches, groups and meetings. She endeavors to update the site frequently.

If there are Christian writers that would like to have your work displayed on this site, please mail a copy to the address below or email it to Linda. Please include your name,address, and permission to publish on this site. She will post those she selects as meeting the standards of good taste and have a message for all of us. This is a chance for you writers to get exposure on the web at no cost.

Jack's Musings

Jack is not published. This is a medium used to record stories that can be read to his grandchildren when he is unable to tell them to the grandchildren in person.

Informational Links

Links to web pages found useful and links to excellent search engines to find information by specific words or topics.

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